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Fashion and Tradition

Nicola Sensini lives at Sala Consilina, a small town in the province of Salerno.
His passion to create artisanal Leather 100% Italian products makes him feel gratified.

Our Story: Our Story


“"From the idea, and creation from hand cutting to the search for innovative and high-quality materials for the creation of exclusive shoes and accessories 100% Made in Italy. 

Every day I am dedicate myself to reach my main goal; "to let my passion walk your feet"

"I am an entrepreneur in my ideas.

Since I was a boy I had many different jobs, which did not make me feel comfortable.

I often always passed in front of a small "Artisan Workshop" of an old shoemaker, the smells and noises attracted me, I stopped and watched him create his works of art.

Our Story: Our Story

Nicola Sensini was born in the small town of Sala Consilina, located in the picturesque province of Salerno, Italy. From a young age, Nicola showed a keen interest in craftsmanship and a passion for footwear. Growing up in a region known for its rich heritage of artisanal trades, Nicola was exposed to the artistry and dedication required to create high quality footwear.

Nicola begins his apprenticeship with a local shoemaker, where he learns the traditional techniques and secrets of Italian footwear. Under the guidance of his mentor, Nicola honed his skills and developed a deep appreciation for the artistry and precision involved in shoemaking.

After several years of apprenticeship, Nicola embarked on a journey to discover various shoe manufacturing centers in Italy. He has traveled to renowned shoe regions such as Florence, Milan, and Rome. immersing himself in the world of Italian luxury footwear. Nicola sought inspiration from the master shoemakers he met, learning new techniques and refining his craft.

Nicola decided to find his own brand of exclusive Italian shoes. He named the brand FRANCESCO SENSINI, in homage to his late father, whose love and support were instrumental in his journey as a shoemaker. Nicola's vision was to create exquisite, handcrafted shoes that combined traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern design sensibilities.

FRANCESCO SENSINI has quickly gained recognition for its impeccable quality, attention to detail and use of the finest materials. Nicola sourced the leather himself from renowned Italian tanneries, making sure that only the best quality leathers were used for his shoes. Each pair of FRANCESCO SENSINI shoes has been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who shared Nicola's dedication to excellence.

Word of FRANCESCO SENSINI's exceptional craftsmanship spread, attracting demanding customers from all over the world. Celebrities, dignitaries and style connoisseurs have sought out the brand for its signature designs and unparalleled comfort. FRANCESCO SENSINI shoes have become a symbol of Italian luxury, coveted by those who appreciate the artistry and heritage behind each pair.

Nicola Sensini is actively involved in the brand, overseeing every aspect of production and design. He has instilled a culture of passion, precision and innovation within the company, ensuring that FRANCESCO SENSINI continues to evolve while remaining true to his heritage.

The brand continues to create signature Italian shoes that exude sophistication, elegance and timeless style. Nicola's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship asserts itself in the world of luxury footwear, consolidating FRANCESCO SENSINI as an iconic name in the industry.

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After several years I understood the reason for that ever-stronger instinct.

I never let go of those wonderful sensations.

Therefore I would like to introduce you to my brand "FRANCESCO SENSINI" dedicated to my father who told me the story from an early age, told me: "Nicola, you will see that one day you will wake up happy with what you are doing and you will not feel tired, it will be the day you do what you were born to do" He was right!

In 2012 I began to research and compare myself with expert and qualified people, who appreciated my work, I participated in national and international fairs and events. 

I have been exporting my creations to America for over 10 years, collaborating with important Italian and American brands, thanks also to the DOMINUS CONSULTING by Salvatore Domina, a name that is a guarantee, as well as my friend and business partner.

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